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Search DJ transitions by Key, BPM, wordplay, vibe, toneplay and more.

Our very own start-up providing one-app solution for browsing, organizing pairs, sharing ideas, searching Key matches, toneplay matches and commenting on transitions. Log-in free app opened for contributors and forkers. Managed in-house from UX to backend lightweight database (images are being scraped from youtube realtime), to seamless and fast paging and search.

the transitions

Web designers no longer draw their ideas for every device. Starting with smart watches and budget phones, while finishing with big-ass TVs, their attempt to cover all of these situations would be out of their reach. Thats why our design-oriented coders are saving a lot of effort in a process and therefor your cash.

A Seamless Mobile Experience

There is insane ammount of different screen resolutions on thousands of types of mobile devices. And count in televisions, watches and future devices which are soon coming in. We made sure our website pass the every test.

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