Mental Aras

NFT drop of highly unpredictible macaws

Mental Ara

NFT collection

Properly coffeinated, freshly vaxinated, and highly unpredictable

Swarm of 100 unique macaws on your favorite NFT marketplace. They might hatch on multiple blockchains, but never a duplicate or same edition! might be their likely habitat. Let the mayhem begin.

to 3D models

Every owner have personal access to OBJ and FXB model, in which one can mutate traits with sliders and switches (fur color, etc)

Rarity system

Total: 100
Traits: 30 in 8 categories (carrying object, wear, eyes, on head, fur color, beak color, lightning, background color).
Editions: 1x1 - 1x3

They might hatch on multiple marketplaces, but never duplicate or same edition.
Handmade / generated: 40% / 60%

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